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REstricted to One – not Any more!

There was a glitch in the configuration for the 2020 Survey… It restricted each user to only one entry per person.

The limitation has been lifted and you are now able to report as many as you need to.

Thanks to those who passed along the ‘glitch’.

Data is starting to come in. Thanks for that…
This is what is in the system so far:

Site RESTARTED for 2020!!!

A message from Kevin (Inglin) site administrator….

Hi everyone. The site has been dormant for a few years. I spent time concentrating on passing my master beekeeper and other pursuits.

Coming back to the site it had some errors from not being kept up to date. I spent some time troubleshooting and was able to get the site back up on May 1st.

The next step is to setup 2020 data and announce the website is opening again. Even though the season is underway, I am excited to get the site back online and going again.

Check back for information… Likely that it will less than a week to get things spun up again.

Take care, and stay safe.