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mccauley swarm

This image was shared by NWNJBA member Jim McCauley.  It was a basketball sized swarm located approximately 10ft up in a tree.  It comes with an interesting story about the capture.

Jim put the swarm in a deep hive body and lowered it to the ground.  He was using an extension ladder in the process.    The bees subsequently exited the box and he had to do it again.  The second time was heading in the same direction when it was noticed that a number of bees were fanning on the sidebars of the extension ladder.

We took the ladder and shook the bees on it into a spare outer cover and lo and behold the queen was inside one of the hollow spaces for the top rung!  Once she was in the box, everything settled down and the colony was provided a good home.

Thanks to Jim for sharing the photo.